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Client Testimonials



  • Our family turned to Elder Care Options for advice in dealing with chronic long term illness.  After meeting with the family and assessing the situation, they offered expert and compassionate solutions, which enabled us to provide the best care possible.  They were always available for questions and support and we are very grateful for the service that they provided.

                - Mary Ellen


  • As my father's illness and care became too great for our family to handle on our own, we contacted Elder Care Options for help.  Patty provided us with the support and guidance we needed to come together as a family on some very difficult decisions.  The support she gave to my father's wife enabled him to stay at home longer.  Having an elder care manager on our "team" was an invaluable resource.

                - Janet


  • I come from a very small family and I am the only Caregiver, just knowing that I can always get in touch with someone at ECO to discuss whatever the issue may be helps me to stay sane and avoid an anxiety or panic attack.

                - Anita





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